Our dedicated team at Companion Animal Care has advanced training in surgery and dental procedures. We offer comprehensive surgical and dental care including pre-surgical examinations and consultations, laboratory testing and radiology, customized anesthetic protocols, complete anesthetic monitoring by a certified veterinary technician and comprehensive intra-operative and post-operative pain management.SURGERY







Surgical Services

We offer routine and emergency soft tissue surgeries as well as in-house orthopedic surgical services. Procedures routinely performed at Companion Animal Care include:

  • routine spay and neuter
  • feline declawing
  • mass/tumor removals
  • foreign body removals
  • internal organ biopsy
  • bladder surgery
  • splenectomy
  • gastropexy
  • ocular surgery
  • cesarean sections
  • cruciate repair (lateral suture technique and TPLO)
  • luxating patella correction
  • femoral head and neck excision


Dental Services

  • comprehensive oral examination and dental charting
  • professional dental prophylaxis (ultrasonic cleaning and polishing)
  • digital dental radiology (x-rays) to determine if conditions exist below the gum line (resorptions, abscesses, fractures, root tips)
  • surgical tooth extractions if necessary


We recommend daily dental home care for all pets. Your pet’s oral health is vital to their overall well-being. We will gladly make individual dental and oral health recommendations for your pet. Call us to set up an appointment for a dental examination at (920) 921-5199.